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Solar Energy Questions & Solar Power Facts

Q: Will I have power even if there is a utility power outage?

A: With a traditional grid-tied system you will not have power if the utility power goes down. This is to ensure that the line workers repairing the outage are safe.

Q: What is Net Metering?

A: Net metering is how your utility company will keep track of how much energy you use and how much you produce. The utility company will install a new meter to record both consumption and production. If you produce less than you consumed you will be billed the difference. If you produced more than you consumed, you will be given a credit. Your credits will roll over from month to month.

Q: How long will it take to install a Solar PV system on my home?

A: residential systems can usually be installed within one week.

Q: Do I need battery back-up for my solar panels?

A: No. We generally only recommend battery back-up systems for small cabins in the woods where it is not feasible to bring utility power or where utility power outages are extremely frequent.

Q: How much shading is too much for a solar PV system?

A: We recommend no more than 20% shading on a site. Each site will be evaluated for shading during the Free Site Evaluation using either a Solar PathFinder or a Solmetric SunEye.

Q: How much space do I need for a solar PV system?

A: The average residential system is 5 kilowatts and takes up roughly 375ft2.

Q: How many panels do I need for a solar PV system?

A: The average residential system is 5 kilowatts and is comprised of approximately 22 panels that are 5.5ft by 3.5ft.

Q: How do I know if solar panels will work on my home?

A: If your home has an unobstructed roof surface of 200ft2 or greater that faces relatively south and has little to no shading, there is a good chance that a solar PV system will work on your home. Contact one of our solar specialists today to know for sure.

Q: Do I need to have south facing exposure to have a solar energy system?

A: We can install systems on roofs that face East or West of South and still get good production out of the system. We do not recommend installing systems on roofs that are North of East or West.